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Message from the CEO

President and CEOMasahide Kato
Foresight Techno Co., Ltd. was established in March 1999 as a joint venture between MARUBUN Corporation, an electronics trading company, and MITSUIWA Corporation, a trading company for ICT and device solutions.

In the field of advanced electronics, we inherit the technology and know-how of both founding companies, and by acquiring each quality and environmental management system, licensed business and service certification of domestic and overseas manufacturing companies, both customers and manufacturing companies. We have developed engineering services in Japan.

In addition, we can contribute to the sustainable development of society by responding to the diverse needs of customers who use advanced equipment and supporting problem solving. With that as our mission, we are working hard every day.

Thanks to you, we provide engineering services such as customization, maintenance, repair, calibration in various fields such as laser, test measurement, industry, communication, information, aerospace, defense, etc., and support including technical consulting.

We have grown as a company that also provides value-added engineering services. We will continue to make further efforts to connect the accumulated technology to trust, challenge the ever-evolving cutting-edge engineering services, and aim for continuous development as a service partner that earns the trust of everyone.

We deeply appreciate your patronage.

Our Vision


  • 01 Provide engineering services such as receiving inspection, ATP, installation, maintenance, repair and calibration for worldʼs advanced technology products.
  • 02 User training and call center services as well.
  • 03 Also serve as a Value-added reseller of advanced products which require significant engineering involvement.
  • 04 Reliable logistics and export control, too.


  • 01 Our expertise includes but not limited to laser machining, vacuum deposition, IC component inspection, precision sensors, defense equipment ,telemetry, satellite communication and ICT.
  • 02 Based on our wide range of expertise, we provide total consulting services on customerʼs facility and lifecycle maintenance planning.

From Japan to East Asia

  • 01 We are taking the initiative in promoting East Asia Engineering Service Consortium (EAESC) which enable us to collaborate with engineering service companies in East Asian countries to support customers in the region.

Corporate Profile

Name Foresight Techno Co., Ltd.
Headquarter 3-4 Minamisuna 3-Chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-8580 Japan
President and CEO Masahide Kato
Foundation 1975
Establishment March, 1999
Capital stock 77.5 Million Yen
Share Holders MARUBUN Corp. 51%,
Mitsuiwa Corp. 49%
Employees 100 as of April 1st , 2021

Corporate History

Founded JFEL* (Mitsuiwa 100%) in Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Entered into repair service contractor business with Marubun
Entered into laser services
Established FTC (Mitsuiwa 70%, Marubun 30%) in Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Opened Minamisuna Facility in Koto-ku, Tokyo
Increased capital (Mitsuiwa 55%, Marubun 45%)
Employment Transfer to FTC from Marubun(26) and Mitsuiwa(36)
Increased capital (Marubun 51%, Mitsuiwa 49%)
Consolidated main office and facilities into Minamisuna
Established East Asia Engineering Service Consortium
Opened Nagoya Business Office
(Nagoya Technical Service Center)
GERBER Business joined from CTC/CTCT
Entered into Industry Robotics Service
ViRTEKʼs Distribution & Maintenance service
Certified JIS Q 9100

*JFEL: Japan Foresight Electronics Ltd.
*FTC : Foresight Techno Co., Ltd.

Licenses and Certifications

ISO 9001 : 2015 JQ1047F

ISO/IEC 17025 : 2005
PJLA #74317︓L17-156-R1

ISO 14001 : 2015 JE0914C

JIS Q 9100:2016

IPC Registration : 2018

Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Business licenses for:
  • Electric works
  • Telecommunication works
  • Medical equipment dealer
  • Specified workers dispatching
  • Secondhand dealer
  • High pressure gas dealer