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We will contribute widely to product improvement and development.

Through our maintenance, equipment sold by domestic and overseas manufacturers and trading companies (Principal Partners), we directly listen to customer evaluations and requests and provide reliable feedback.

  • Call Center Services

    Foresight Techno will manage call center operations for repairing sold products and accepting inquiries. We will provide speedy responses such as send-back repair * within 48 hours during downtime when a failure is confirmed. We also support the provision of help desk services linked with repair services.
    * In Japan excluding remote islands

  • Repair Services

    We will coordinate with you to ship your equipment, modules, etc. to us and we will perform inspections and repairs at our in-house equipment repair facility.
    Upon request, we will submit a detailed inspection / repair report with photos.

  • Logistics Support for Import & Export

    We also support the promotion of direct transactions with overseas suppliers and overseas customers when importing and exporting equipment parts. For service partners who have bases in Japan, we will bridge the gap with the local market, such as ordering maintenance parts from overseas (import) and supplying maintenance parts to overseas customers (export).

  • Ancillary Equipment Work

    When the device is installed according to the customer's request, we perform utility work such as communication, electrical, and plumbing equipment.

  • Overseas expansion (East Asia region) support service

    When expanding overseas, local technical support is indispensable for subsequent business development. Through our East Asia Engineering Service Consortium (EAESC), our service network in East Asia, we will strongly support your overseas expansion in East Asia. The target products can be widely covered in various fields of advanced electronics. Specifically, it includes test and measurement equipment, various equipment in the semiconductor field (manufacturing, inspection, measurement, etc.), ICT equipment, laser equipment, etc.

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    “EAESC” East Asia Engineering Service Consortium

    • The EAESC provides engineering services network throughout twelve (12) countries in the East Asia.
    • We take the initiative in promoting EAESC with eight (8) member companies from Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.
    • Through those member companies, we provide engineering services in other regions such as Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Myanmar also.
    • We assist worldʼs manufacturers of advanced technology products in trying to get into any of those countries in the region.