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Foresight Techno Co., Ltd.Foresight Techno Co., Ltd.

3-4 Minamisuna 3-Chome, Koto-ku,Tokyo
136-8580 Japan


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Nagoya Service CenterNagoya Service Center

MA Plaza, 10-14, Mikawaanjocho 1-Chome
Anjo-shi, Aichi 446-0056 Japan


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Our Services range from calibration of precision sensors, multilayer circuit boards repair, computer board testing, production line equipments field service, call center service,  measurement system integration and more...

  • Calibration services

    • Accelerometers*: NIST traceable*ISO/IEC17025 Accredited Service
    • RF power meters: NIST or AIST traceable
    • Acoustic sensors: NPL traceable
    • Laser power meters: NIST traceable

Defense Article Services

  • JMSDF P3C support system
  • JGSDF Apache Boresight Equipment calibration

Laser machining and measurements

  • Laser micromachining
  • Wire marking
  • Laser deposition

Vacuum deposition and analysis

  • From low vacuum environmental chamber up to ultrahigh vacuum thin film deposition systems
  • Deposition systems: MBEs, CVDs for semiconductor industries and national research institutes.  PLDs for superconductor manufacturing
  • Analysis systems: XPSs, RHEEDs for research laboratories

Semiconductor factory automation

  • Image processing IC component inspectors
  • IC test handlers
  • Wafer inspection tools
  • Solder ball placement equipments Accelerometers: NIST traceable

High power GHz amplifiers

  • Test, Repair and  Calibration of High power High frequency amplifiers
  • Up to 20GHz and expandable to 44GHz test equipments and experienced service engineers


  • Airborne/ground telemetry systems for rocket launch control, aircraft flight test and missile test
  • Installation, test, maintenance, repair and operation support services for antennas, receivers, transmitters, encoders, demodulators, signal conditioners and data acquisitions

IT/network devices

  • Field services, inspections, verification tests and  operations support for large storage system, network device, PC and other IT devices/peripherals
  • From Windows PC to Unix server machines, board computers
  • Well controlled electrostatic free work space with experienced technician’s multilayer board soldering / de-soldering technique
  • We also provide EOS/EOL/EOSL(End Of Service Life), viz.,“obsolete”embedded computing products that exactly meet their original specifications.


  • Business license is a must for medical equipments. FTC is a licensed dealer of the medical equipments under Pharmaceutical Affairs Act of Japan.

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